A simpler, more pleasant, and more productive networking experience.


Networking made easy.

TYSB Connect helps you take the “work” out of networking. Based on a series of simple questions, proprietary algorithms work to pair you with a fellow TYSB Connect member that matches the criteria you are looking for in an ideal networking connection.


Networking on your schedule.

Design the criteria that best suits your networking needs. Choose how often you want to be introduced to someone new and set location parameters. Each new introduction is specifically arranged to meet both members' needs!


Networking that works!

TYSB Connect is constantly adapting to your preferences and aims to deliver introductions that match your requirements. Each one-on-one introduction is a mutual opportunity to expand your network.

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Thousands of TYSB Connect members discover new opportunities!

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What is TYSB Connect?

We are extremely excited to personally invite you to join the #1 small business networking community in the world!

Set up your profile now and let us know what your needs are! Once done, sit back, relax and get a personalized introduction every month in your email inbox. Get started and let us connect you with the people that matter most to your business on a global scale!

If you have any questions please contact us a support@smallbizsilverlining.com

To get started, you may opt in by accepting your personalized email invitation or click Get Started at the top of the screen and use any personal email address on file. We look forward to welcoming you to the TYSB Connect and hope you approach each new introduction as a valuable stepping stone!

Step 1: Getting Started

If the idea of being intelligently introduced to fellow TYSB Connect members in a one-on-one setting sounds intriguing, then you’re definitely in the right place! The goal of this community is to help find and meet the most valuable, mutually beneficial and productive members in our organization. Let’s get started...

Onboarding & opting in

By accepting your email invitation (or joining using the Get Started link above) you will need to onboard. Onboarding is where the TYSB Connect community gets to know you a bit better; we need to understand who you are, but also what you need! The onboarding process only takes a few minutes and gives us our first glimpse into your networking needs.


Helpful hint: For a much more in-depth look at onboarding, check out this helpful onboarding tutorial. It covers many of the questions and what they are used for. If you need more help, contact us.

Ok, I’ve joined, now what?

Fantastic, now that you have completed onboarding, your account is live! You will begin receiving introductions shortly, but in the meantime, you have a choice:


Setup your profile: You can venture into the TYSB Connect platform and begin adding information concerning your bio, skills, services and company. You can also explore your Leads Billboard. More on that later!


Or, just wait: You’re busy, we get it. For now, just sit back and relax. Your basic networking profile is adequate and introductions are on the way!

Step 2: Introductions

Once you complete the onboarding process, you will start receiving TYSB Connect introductions! TYSB Connect networking requires NO SEARCHING; our matching algorithm arranges ALL introductions between members.


Helpful hint: Introductions will be made available to you via email and our mobile/web platforms. For a much more in-depth look at introductions, check out this helpful tutorial.

How do I get matched with other members?

You will have already selected your introduction frequency during onboarding, i.e., once a month, twice a month or once a week. At TYSB Connect we do our best to match you with colleagues who share mutually beneficial values. The intent of every introduction is to provide both members with opportunities to forge real business relationships. Here’s some of the criteria we use to match members.

Ok, I’ve been introduced, now what?

Once you receive a new introduction, it’s your turn to reach out and get the ball rolling. With each introduction you will receive contact information and the member's summary and company info.


Don’t be shy: Remember, everyone in our community opted in and wants to meet you; why not be the first to reach out and introduce yourself? Here are a few tips on how to chat or meet.


Feedback & notes

From time to time let us know what you think of your introductions. Feedback is one of our most important means for better understanding what types of TYSB Connect members you prefer meeting. It’s also your opportunity to jot down any notes or important reminders when following up later.


Helpful hint: We do our best to introduce you to great colleagues, but sometimes we make mistakes. For a much more in-depth look at submitting feedback, check out this helpful tutorial.

Step 3: The Leads Billboard

In addition to our tailored one-on-one introductions, we offer the Leads Billboard! This is a community wide bulletin board featuring member Needs, Offers, Questions and Updates. ALL members of the TYSB Connect can view, message and post to this fantastic biz/dev resource!


Remember: You will need to “tag” your Lead before you post. This helps our community quickly organize and search the opportunities.


How do I post a Lead?

Posting a new opportunity to the TYSB Connect Leads Billboard is easy! Simply follow these steps:


Step 1: Locate the Leads tab on your main nav bar.


Step 2: Select the type of LEAD you wish to post from the dropdown.


Step 3: Type in your LEAD information (500 words max).


Step 4: Upload any images or supporting documents using the paper clip icon.


Step 5: Select “Post.” Easy!


Helpful hint: Members can ONLY reply to Leads using our private messenger. For a more in-depth look at replying to Leads, check out this helpful tutorial.

How do I respond to a Lead?

Respond to a Lead by clicking the Message button at the bottom of the post you are interested in discussing. This will open the TYSB Connect private messenger where you can submit a response to that particular member. Allow 2-3 days for a response before following up.


Remember: Posting and replying to the Leads Billboard is a privilege. Admins have the right to suspend or remove members for inappropriate and(or) spamming behavior. Please review our code of conduct.

When responding to a Lead, TYSB Connect WILL NOT share personal or professional contact information. It is up to you and the Lead owner to exchange contact information if acceptable. More information on the Leads Billboard can be found under our FAQ section, or by visiting our User Support pages.